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Mission Acres Equestrian

Mission Acres


Est. 2018

Policies And Procedures

Mission Acres is a cooperative community dedicated to supporting each other and ensuring the facility remains a safe and beautiful place. As a member of Mission Acres we ask that you respect and adhere to the following:


Ensure you have read all of our policies and procedures and that you adhere to them. Please note, that Mission Acres has the right to remove individuals from the premises if they are not complying with the policies set forth, this includes removing them as boarders.

Dogs must be in "control" and can be off leash if they are within arm's length of their owner, otherwise they must be on leash. This ensure's safety to horses and people, as well as your own pet.

Always clean up after your horse; manure buckets are located within the property and if one is not close by, please locate a manure rake and toss the manure in the nearest paddock or field.

Lock any gate that you are entering and/or exiting.

Keep the interior of your box stall area clean and ensure that the area around your box stall is  swept, tidied and washed, if necessary. All cleaning aids are located near boarder barn entrance.

Do not tie up your horse to another boarders box stall unless you are given permission by the boarder. 

In order to minimize the potential of injury to your horse, when tying your horse use a quick release knot and tie your horse to the box stall or other areas with binder twine or a quick release device.

Clean  washrooms after use and let the Facility Director know if toiletries supplies are low.

Check and clean wash rack drain after use to ensure it does not have hair or other debris in it and leave the area tidy.

Empty manure wheelbarrows if you use them; this includes but is not limited to the boarder barn and arena. Dispose of manure in the garbage bin next to the boarder barn (north side) or in the tractor bucket that is located outside of the arena (south side).

Boarder barn - If it is after 5:00 pm and you are the last person in the barn, ensure all doors are closed, turn off all the lights and ensure man door is locked.

Arena - Any time during use, turn off lights if you are the last to leave and ensure the door is closed behind you.

Please report to Darlene our facility Director, any areas of concern on our property or horse related concerns as soon as possible, to ensure the safety of our horses and their families. You can text her at 403-470-0327 or email her at .


Be safe, have fun, spread kindness and enjoy your time at Mission Acres.

Horse Health and Welfare

Vaccination and Deworming Policy

Horse Health and Welfare Policy

Horse Care and Management

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