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Arnulf Koegler (AK) 2-Day Horsemanship Clinic

Clinic Schedule:

The clinic starts at 9:30 am each day.

Horses are to be saddled and in the arena.

Lunch break is from 12:00 pm – 1:00 pm. Participants are responsible for bringing their own food and refreshments. There is a fridge and microwave available for use in the boarder barn.

Individual lessons take place from 1:00 pm to approximately 4:30 pm. Participants are encouraged to stay and watch.

General Rules and Requirements:

1. Smoking is not permitted on the premises.
2. Dogs must be on leash and are not allowed in any of the buildings/arenas/paddocks or pastures.
3. Ensure paddock and box stalls are closed when your horse is in it.
4. When your horse is not participating in the clinic, it must be in a paddock or box stall. Horses are not allowed to be kept in a trailer, tied to the trailer, to a fence, etc.
5. Clinic participants are not allowed in the pastures or paddocks of the horses boarded at Mission Acres.
6. Spectators are asked to refrain from behaviour or activity that would distract or spook the horses in the arena or alleyway.
7. Please clean up after yourself and your horse in the alleyway, the yard and the washroom.
8. Spectators under 18 must be accompanied and supervised by an adult.
9. Clinic participants and spectators must adhere to the Mission Acres facility policies.

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