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Developmental Supports

Our team has experience supporting people with various developmental challenges including Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder (AD/HD), Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD), Learning Disabilities (LD), Down syndrome, and other cognitive disorders.


Our services include:

  • Academic and learning support

  • Behavioural support

  • Social/emotional support

  • Parenting support

  • Life skills training

Danielle Eddy

Danielle has a B.A in Psychology and has been supporting children, adolescents, and their families since 2002.  Her background includes working as an Education Assistant, Cognitive Coaching Specialist, Psychological Assistant, and a Behavioral/Developmental Strategist.  She has extensive experience working with people with various social, cognitive, behavioral, and learning challenges, specifically Asperger Syndrome, ADHD, and Down Syndrome.

She has a passion for connecting with each client and learning about their unique gifts and challenges. She believes every individual has inherent self- worth and capacity for growth. She is committed to helping clients overcome their obstacles through setting clear objectives and incorporating effective strategies so they can discover and live out their full potential.


Danielle loves to incorporate play, nature and physical activity into her sessions and uses these opportunities to invite her clients into a deeper understanding that acquiring new skills can be fun and challenging at the same time.

As a parent of four, Danielle understands the importance of parent involvement in a child’s success and highly values collaborating with parents to ensure that growth is achieved across all environments.  She is eager to assist parents in developing their own tools so they can provide ongoing support within their family. Danielle loves to learn from her clients and considers it a sacred privilege to be invited into their journey.

Academic/learning support is more than simply tutoring. Our approach goes beyond instructional services and includes strategies to help clients improve how they approach learning tasks. In addition to immediate academic improvement, clients learn skills and strategies that can be applied to all areas of learning, allowing them to achieve success long-term, across a lifetime of learning. Areas of support include:

  • Reading

  • Writing

  • Math

  • Attention regulation

  • Test taking strategies

  • Organization/time management skills

Life Skills Training 

Clients of all ages can improve their functioning and independence by learning important life skills. Our team can help clients learn how to cook, take city transit, or balance their chequebook. Our team customizes these services based on each client’s unique needs and level of current functioning.


  • Social/Emotional/Behavioural Support – Children and Adolescents

Our approach to targeting behaviour challenges is based on a positive intervention approach. For children and adolescents who are struggling with behaviours and/or self-regulation, our team works with the client at Mission Acres, as well as in the home and/or community, to support them in learning how to interact with others in more positive and appropriate ways.


  • Social/Emotional Support – Adults

Sometimes adults struggle with how to interact with others, too. Our team works with clients at Mission Acres or in the community to support them in addressing emotional or social skill challenges that are interfering with making positive connections and/or decisions in their life.  Our team works with clients to promote confidence, independence, and the ability to make positive interpersonal connections and life choices.


  • Parenting Support

Parents of all ages and experience levels need support. Arming parents with effective parenting tools is often the first step in addressing their children’s and teens’ behavioural or emotional struggles. Our team supports parents in learning concrete, respectful yet firm parenting strategies, along with teaching limits, that will help them support their child’s positive development.

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Elyse Moar

Elyse has a B.A. in Criminal Justice and a Bachelor of Education. She is currently in her final year of a Master of Education program specializing in curriculum and pedagogy.


She was previously with a non-profit organization as a Youth and Family Counsellor where she worked with youth who had mental health concerns, and their families. She also assisted youth at risk with obtaining housing, education, and employment. Elyse currently works for the Calgary Board of Education where she has been a teacher for the past four years. Elyse is a firm believer in building strong relationships with her students/clients as it assists them in achieving their goals. She has a warm, vibrant energy and has a special gift for coming alongside people to strengthen their natural gifts.

Her background also includes a wide variety of training from trauma-informed care, suicide intervention, sexual health, and literacy. With a diverse background, Elyse brings her knowledge, experience, and passion to both academic and behavioral sessions.

Elyse is a born and raised Calgarian who loves the city and has created a home there with her husband and dog, Hadlee! She is energetic and enjoys spending her time traveling and exploring new places. Elyse is excited to share her knowledge and help students achieve their goals inside and outside of their educational setting. She looks forward to sharing her passion of creating healthy well-rounded students that are ready to tackle life’s challenges!

Billing and Bursary:


  • Invoicing and collection of payment are typically completed within 48 hours of the session occurring.


  • If finances are a concern, please request an “Application for Bursary” form.


Clients are required to have a credit card on file, but e-transfer are accepted if that is preferred. Cash, debit and personal cheques are not accepted at our locations.


Colleen Harvey

Colleen has a B.A. in Psychology and is currently in her final year of a Master of Counselling program. Colleen previously worked at a private psychology and education centre where she was a Psychological Assistant and Cognitive/Behavioural Intervention Specialist. Colleen has over nine years experience providing individualized support and programming for clients with special needs, and she is also currently working in the separate school district as an Education Assistant. Colleen believes in a positive, collaborative approach when working with clients in uncovering their strengths and achieving their goals. She has a warm, energetic spirit and she has a special gift for helping people recognize themselves as capable.

Colleen’s background also includes extensive training and experience in the creative arts. She trained and performed as an opera singer and her passion for music often helps her make connections with clients in unique ways. She was previously the head chef at her cafe in Calgary and at her inn and restaurant in British Columbia. Colleen is excited to pass on her passion for simple, healthy, crowd-pleasing meals to clients who want to learn how to create wholesome meals for themselves and their families.

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