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Glenn Stewart Clinic


Stage 1 & 2 Partnership

August 13-16, 2021

Cochrane, Alberta

Mission Acres Equestrian Center

Stage 1: August 13-14, 2021

Time: 9-4:30 each day with a 1.5 hour break for lunch

The fees: $275 plus GST (per day)

*If you register and pay by March 15. ($300/day thereafter)

Please Contact: for pricing regarding keeping your horse on-site

Stages 2 and Above: August 15-16, 2021

Time: 9-4:30 each day with a 1.5 hour break for lunch

The fees: $275 plus GST (per day)

*If you register and pay by March 15. ($300/day thereafter)

Please Contact: for pricing regarding keeping your horse on-site

All the clinics Glenn Stewart teaches are horsemanship clinics. What is Horsemanship? Horsemanship is what keeps us safe, helps us have more fun, takes us to the winners' circle, allows us to have adventure and opens doors, helps us become aware of things we weren’t aware of.


When we work on our horsemanship we are learning to read horses, developing skills that we aren’t born with like feel and timing, which are the two most important things a horse wants from us. Learn about why things happen and what skills it requires to deal with these things.


You will learn about our innate characteristics and the horses’ and how these characteristics may cause problems. Which ones do work well and which ones we must change. Horsemanship answers the questions of how and why? Why won’t my horse load? What does good loading look like? How come he won’t stand to be saddled? Why is my horse is spooky? How do I tell if my saddle fits? I can’t trail ride by myself. My horse bucks when I canter. Hard to catch, bad with his feet, too slow, too fast. Or everything is good you just want it better. Maybe the rider has confidence issues. If we put time into ourselves, improving our horsemanship all these things and a hundred others are answered, disappear, solved.


The better our horsemanship the better our horses become. We learn first, then we can help the horse. Horsemanship is way, way beyond getting our horses to do things but we won’t get into all of that right now. Good horsemanship is about a good perspective. How do people think? How do horses think? Horsemanship develops us and our horses. 


Glenn’s step by step program can be followed by anyone - you can go at your own speed, fast or slow. It is a staircase with railing to guide you to being as good as you want to be. Horsemanship has 4 areas, 2 on the ground, 2 in the saddle and you can’t skip any or you are leaving a hole in your horsemanship. Skipping parts gets you mediocre results at best. Any horseman will tell you that horsemanship is a journey and to enjoy the trip. It’s not a  destination, it is a journey of self-awareness and development. People become more with horse and horses become more with good people. It will benefit all disciplines.

Everyone starts at the same place. As you progress you can enter into higher stages. Workshops are for people who have been to previous camps or clinics. Some workshops are for people relatively new to the program and some workshops are for more advanced students. Each day consists of six hours of learning with Glenn – all participants are in the arena at the same time.

Glenn’s Stages Program starts at Stage 1 and progresses through Stage 8. You will learn online, liberty, freestyle and finesse. It is a step by step system to develop human and horse. You can be assessed when ready for each Stage and when passed received a certificate for the Stage completed. It is a method to systematically move forward to doing whatever it is you want to do with your horses or any horse anywhere.

The clinics also prepare you for our Horsemanship Learning Adventures that we do all over the world should you want to go on them. Costa Rica riding the beaches, a stunning ranch in Brazil on majestic Lusitanos, in Austria and at the Spanish Riding School. Also at The Horse Ranch, we offer 4 day to 1 month long Horsemanship Camps for those that are keen to learn more in a compressed  time frame.

Some interesting facts about Glenn:

• Glenn has been teaching for 20 years and started over 2000 horses. He has travelled across Canada, USA, Mexico, Austria, Brazil, Costa Rica teaching his system and has people from around the world travel to The Horse Ranch and join Horsemanship Learning Adventures.

• Responsible for the development of the largest free-range horse herd in Canada for the past 39 years.

• Horsemanship demonstrations from 8 to 8000 people.

• Represented Canada in World colt starting Championship, Won the Calgary Stampede Extreme Cowboy Race riding - in a halter.

• Current Heart of the Horse Colt Starting Champion.

• 1st place working Equitation Brazil - in a halter.

• Published author.

• Keynote speaker and Leadership Trainer for Colleges, Small Business, Corporations, City Managers and Hospital Administrators.

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