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Acupuncture and Holistic Healing

We are pleased to provide Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) to adults and children. TCM includes acupuncture, cupping therapy, herbal prescriptions, gua sha, tui na, dietary therapy, and exercise. Enjoy your session in an environment that is peaceful and calm, and allows you to rejuvenate and heal.

Developmental Supports

At Mission Acres, we embrace every person’s unique gifts. We understand that people have different developmental journeys and that sometimes they need a little bit of extra support along the way. Our developmental Support Services team provides behavioral, cognitive, and academic supports for children, adolescents, and adults. We believe that a collaborative effort between our support team, the client, and members of the client’s personal support system (when appropriate) provides the best chance for success.

Clinical Somatic Education

Are you living with limited mobility and pain and no longer remember how it feels to move with freedom and joy?

Are you curious about how you can excel at the sport you love?

If you have experienced accidents, injuries, surgeries, emotional or physical trauma, or if you perform repetitive activities (even with sports you love to play!) your brain will have learned maladaptive movement patterns to try and relieve these stressors.  This causes habituated muscle tension and dysfunctional movements resulting in your limited mobility, discomfort, or pain.


Clinical Somatic Education provides you with self-discovery strategies and tools to teach your brain to unlearn what has been learned and remember what has been forgotten.  You will become aware of how to sense and feel where you are holding habituated muscle tension and how to release it with safe, gentle and mindful somatic movements that you can practice anywhere on your own.

Massage Therapy

Research is revealing the physical, mental, and emotional health benefits of appropriate touch. We encourage you to take time for yourself to enjoy these benefits through the practice of massage therapy.



Mission Acres believes in supporting and enhancing the whole person. We provide unique opportunities to heal; physically, emotionally, and  spiritually. We also offer academic and behavioral programs for individuals of all ages.  Gain knowledge and acquire skills in an environment that provides peace, relaxation, and rejuvenation.

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