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Soul ART

Soul ART with Allison Orthner uses simple art projects and workshops that dig deep into matters of the heart and soul. The experience is more about the heart than the art, but both are incorporated.


Workshops tackle a wide assortment of themes and topics that draw us deeper into the life lessons we wish to learn and grow from. You don't have to be artistic to participate or know how to draw or paint! You just need to be willing to go on a creative adventure to create art with heart and trust the process. The end result is a unique piece of art with reminders embedded into it that can help us on our life journey.


We were created to create and the process of creating anything is beautiful! Even science proves it can be therapeutic and soothing for the soul. So join a Soul ART workshop or gather your own group to connect, to create and to grow together. 

Allison Orthner

Allison Orthner is a mostly retired Jr. High school teacher turned professional photographer who has also worked in the art industry for over 15 years. Her favourite thing is to combine all her passions into workshops that feed the soul and her desire is to truly help people on their life journey in a healthy and creative way.


The foundation of all Allison is and does rests in her strong faith in God, but she is adamant that we can come together and walk arm in arm without needing to see eye to eye. In fact, one of Allison's key missions is to use Soul ART to create a safe space and use art to facilitate digging deeper into topics like beliefs, challenges, emotions and to explore and question anything all while finding love and connection as we journey through it together.


Calgary born and raised, Allison is married 30 years with two young adult children and loves to travel doing humanitarian work around the world. A portion of all Soul ART proceeds goes to fund some worthwhile projects near and dear to Allison. 

Soul ART classes and workshops are fully customizable! You can join a pre-planned workshop or gather your own group, school, church, friends, etc., and together we decide on an art topic and project and select a date!! 


Projects can be tailored to:

  • a variety of group sizes (minimum is 10)

  • ages from elementary-aged through to adults

  • assorted topics, themes, and interests

  • varied time frames (usually between 2-8 hours)

  • beginners through to more experienced art techniques

Rates will vary depending on the project, the number of participants, length of time, etc. but generally range between $35 - $125 per person. 

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Soul Book - Foundations

This workshop digs deep into how we can better do life in a mentally, emotionally, and spiritually healthy way. It covers 4 main topics we will journey through to form a strong foundation for life using simple art that anyone and everyone can do!

By the end, you will have 4 pages inside a "soul book" as a visual reminder of all that you have learned as well as a new appreciation for what it feels like to creatively soothe and explore your heart and soul.

Learn more and register at ($95 plus GST). Also receive a special gift if you bring a friend!


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