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Carmen Strabel

NCCP certified English Competition Coach 

Equestrian Canada Licensed Coach


Equestrian Canada Sport Licence Safe Sport Training

Carmen Strabel of CS Training has been dedicated to training horses for the last 30 years. She is an NCCP certified English Competition Coach since 2017 and an up and coming General Steward through Equine Canada.


Over the years, Carmen has started and trained hundreds of horses. With her quiet approach and love of training, she has had individuals from all disciplines in the industry bring their horses for training and sales. She has a love for training young horses and a big part of her routine is retraining problem horses. Fixing a poor start and giving the horse the tools to succeed in whichever discipline it is meant to be in is a joyful accomplishment for her.


Educational trips to Europe and South America have enhanced her knowledge for training and showing in jumpers, hunters and dressage. As a competitor at the 1.30m level, she has the experience to bring you and your horse the confidence to compete at that level as well.  


Always the first person to encourage, support and go beyond being a coach. Carmen exemplifies the commitment to training and coaching as well as reinforcing the values of the Alberta Equestrian Federation and Equine Canada. 


The opportunities presented to Carmen throughout her life have solidified her riding and coaching skills, she will influence determination and dedication to take a rider to the next level.

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