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$575 plus GST


Monthly - $300 plus GST 

Daily - $60 plus GST

Hourly - $25 plus GST

Haul in w/Lesson - No charge


 $25/day plus GST

Example: Mon from 12:00 pm to Tue at 8:00 am = $50 plus GST.


Lessons are designed for all age levels. From basic horsemanship to advanced levels, our highly skilled and knowledgeable trainers provide the opportunity for individuals to excel in their horsemanship.


Compassionate horse health care by a team of equine veterinarians on the west side of Calgary, near Cochrane Alberta.


I have done my best to surround myself with horses all my life and probably much like yourself was born with the "horse addiction". 




  • 200' x 80' with clay base footing and 5mm of washed sand

  • Bank of mirrors on the south side wall

  • Large windows located along the entire length of the north wall, providing an abundance of natural light


  • 200' x 90' Arena (Currently under construction)

  • 190' x 80' Arena (Currently under construction)


  • 1/2 mile track with unique sand/soft rock footing that turns into powder as it breaks down

  • Situated  in front of a breathtaking view of the Rocky Mountains


  • Seasonal

  • Large, fenced in pasture with a variety of obstacles including; barrels, poles, pedestal, rope gate, bridge/teeter-totter, cavalettis, extreme cowboy ball, water box, ramps, etc.

  • Viewing area with log benches to enjoy the picturesque mountain view


  • 50' with sand base

  • Monty Roberts Signature Pen


  • Outdoor grass areas

  • Round Pen

  • Outdoor Obstacle Course

  • Racetrack

  • Outdoor sitting areas to enjoy the picturesque views


  • A spacious, comfortable, and inviting lounge & viewing area

  • Fully heated in the winter and offering air conditioning in the summer

  • Full-size kitchen with all the amenities including, washer, dryer, pool table, washroom, 65" TV, which can be used and integrated with clinics that take place in the indoor arena

  • Large windows and seating overlooking indoor arena

  • Gas BBQ

  • Large, spacious outdoor deck with comfortable seating area and tables to enjoy the breathtaking mountain view

  • Washrooms that are located in lower lounge entrance and can be accessed when using the indoor arena


  • Cozy lunchroom with microwave, fridge, sink, table, chairs, water dispenser, and complimentary coffee & tea

  • Use of a private stall & shavings to groom and tack up your horse

  • Tack lockers

  • Full-size wash rack

  • Overflow tack room

  • Washer & dryer

  • Washrooms

  • Blanket storage areas


Set in front of the picturesque Rocky Mountains, Mission Acres is a fully equipped equestrian facility.  It has unique amenities which include a large indoor arena with a viewing area, two outdoor arenas, race track, paddocks, large pastures for our horses to roam, generous  horse shelters, and well-maintained water feeders. 


Our Goal - Provide an environment where the horse and individual thrive


Our Hope - That everyone embraces their horsemanship journey and enhances their skills and knowledge


Our Commitment - Is to the emotional and physical well-being of the horse and to our equine community



Mission Acres is a community grounded in respect and kindness. It fosters personal growth and provides the environment that facilitates healing and learning. Working strategically with our team, individuals have the potential to reach their

personal, spiritual, and business aspirations.  


To inspire each person to fulfill their passion with horses; equip them so that they are safe and knowledgeable in all aspects of horsemanship and transform

their horse experience.      

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Clinic Presenters


With over 12 years of industry experience, including riding, owning, teaching, and competing show jumping horses, Megan has a focused interest in horsemanship. This includes handling, care, and riding techniques that cater to the riders and horses physical and mental wellbeing.

Megan has taught a variety of ages and skill set of riders. From no horse experience all the way up to competitive show jumpers, Megan structures her lessons to ensure her students are progressively accomplishing their riding goals. To create the most successful outcome for the horse and rider she endeavors to connect horsemanship on the ground to riding and competition. Students find Megan engaging, enthusiastic, positive, and approachable.


Megan has had numerous mentors and coaches over the years including:
Mark Laskin Chef d'Équipe for the Canadian Show Jumping Team
Katie Laurie two-time Olympic show jumper for team Australia
Gail Greenough, the first female and youngest athlete to win the 1986 World Show Jumping Championship.
She has worked for numerous barns in Alberta and BC, as a barn manager, groom, rider, and instructor.  Megan learned from and continues to work with some of the best farriers, vets, equine massage therapists and chiropractors, barn managers, and sport psychologists.
Megan is working on her Equine Management degree though University of Guelph online. She is currently developing five of her own competition horses all the way from young horses to experienced jumpers and has her eyes set on competing in the U25 Grand Prix and FEI classes for next show season. Two of her horses are experienced ‘school masters’ ready to be her teaching partners with any students.


Arnulf Koegler lived in Canada for more than 30 years (1978 - 2009) before returning to Europe in 2009. He learned the basics about Western Horses and Horsemanship from Larry Hill, Roger Brazeau and Randy Cutbirth.

For Arnulf the wellbeing of the horse is first and foremost. He considers every horse as an individual, therefore, for Arnulf there is no universal concept to work with horses. One of his most important messages to riders is that we must feel where the horse is at based on its training level and psychological and physiological state. This may vary from day to day - same as it is for us humans, we have good days and better days. To achieve this, Arnulf's work with the horse and the rider is based on a strong foundation of ‘Natural Horsemanship’.


Arnulf’s message is guided by examples of the past and present. Amongst those who influenced his thinking and work are Tom and Bill Dorrance, Ray Hunt, Jeff Sanders, Les Vogt and Buck Brannaman. However, do not make the mistake and think that he  ‘wants to be a clone’ of this or that trainer or horseman. He has his own clear message to share.

During his clinics Arnulf likes to emphasize that a horse is a horse regardless of the breed. One of his primary messages is that a horse learns from every contact with us humans, both positive and negative. It doesn't know when it's being trained. All training exercises, both on the ground and under the saddle, strive for one goal: to create a harmony between horse and man. This may be achieved by ‘timing’, ‘balance’ and ‘feel’.

Arnulf highly values a solid basic training foundation of the horse and that the horse itself willingly and readily accepts the rider’s aids. His training and horse philosophy has in the past attracted a broad spectrum of riders and horse enthusiasts to seek out his advice and coaching. He has not only successfully worked with Western Show riders, Western recreational riders, but also Hunter-Jumpers and Dressage riders. In the summer of 2019, he worked with a qualified FN Trainer (Level A) and active FN judge and her Warmblood horse.

Arnulf would describe himself as an unusual mixture of the traditional Horse Show World, Natural Horsemanship and the old California Vaquero style of riding and training a horse. He considers himself a lifelong student of the horse and man and the relationship between the two.


Carmen Strabel of CS Training has been dedicated to training horses for the last 30 years. She is an NCCP certified English Competition Coach since 2017, Equestrian Canada Licensed Coach, and an up and coming General Steward through Equine Canada.
Over the years, Carmen has started and trained hundreds of horses. With her quiet approach and love of training, she has had individuals from all disciplines in the industry bring their horses for training and sales. She has a love for training young horses and a big part of her routine is retraining problem horses. Fixing a poor start and giving the horse the tools to succeed in whichever discipline it is meant to be in is a joyful accomplishment for her.


Educational trips to Europe and South America have enhanced her knowledge for training and showing in jumpers, hunters and dressage. As a competitor at the 1.30m level, she has the experience to bring you and your horse the confidence to compete at that level as well.  
Always the first person to encourage, support and go beyond being a coach. Carmen exemplifies the commitment to training and coaching as well as reinforcing the values of the Alberta Equestrian Federation and Equine Canada. 
The opportunities presented to Carmen throughout her life have solidified her riding and coaching skills, she will influence determination and dedication to take a rider to the next level.

Meet Our Trainers

For more information on our trainers, please contact us.


Virtual Tour

All of our amenities are available for rental. Please contact us for details.

Arnulf Koegler 5 Day Horsemanship Clinic


Clinic - $600

You have the option to pay in full or by deposit. If by deposit, please see the payment schedule below.

  • $200.00 deposit is required to register for the clinic to hold your spot.

  • $200.00 second payment 01 Sep 2022

  • $200.00 third payment 12 Sep 2022


Box stall and paddock fees are due at the time you pay for the clinic.

Box stalls - $35/day/horse plus GST

Paddocks - $25/day/horse plus GST


Auditing fees are due prior to arriving.

Auditing - $25.00 per day or $75.00 for 5 days.

Payment can be made by e-transfer to arnulfkoegler@gmail.com


Registration will be on a first-come, first serve basis.

Five Day Schedule:

Start times: 9:30 am - Horses to be saddled and in arena


Lunch Break - 12:00 pm to 1:00 pm

  • Participants are responsible to bring their own food and refreshments

  • Fridge and microwave available for use in the boarder barn


Individual Lessons from 1:00 pm to approximately 4:30pm. Participants are encouraged to stay and watch other participants lessons.



October 21 - October 24, 2022


Location: Mission Acres, 34131 Township Road, Cochrane, AB T4C 1A2

For more information or to register, please email info@thehorseranch.com or call

250-789-3072 .

Lessons from the Heart

Mission Acres is pleased to offer a unique equine journey for individuals ages 4 and up. The program focuses on safety in an environment that is grounded in respect, encouragement, and fun.


The passion for this program evolved from the desire to equip individuals with knowledge, skill, and most importantly awareness in their horsemanship journey.  At Mission Acres our highest priority is safety “on the ground” and “in saddle”. Our goal is that every time you meet with your “horse”, you will be a little more equipped than the time before!


Participants will learn the “language of the horse” through exercises and care of the horse. This is crucial for staying safe and it is the foundation for building a relationship with the horse.  Throughout the program the participant will gain confidence and their leadership skills will be enhanced as they increase their skill and knowledge. They will also learn the responsibilities involved in caring for a horse.  


Barn etiquette

At Mission Acres our motto is "SPREAD KINDNESS WHEREVER YOU GO".

We strive every day to live in a way that is kind, respectful, and encouraging.

This is the foundation of Mission Acres and is taught in all our programs.


Boundary setting

This enhances the participants safety around the horse and

promotes a healthy relationship between the participant and the horse.


Use of "tools"

 Becoming “handy” with the stick and string, flags, noodles, and other devices that

enhance and support communication with the horse in a respectful and safe manner.


Care of the horse

Grooming and feeding the horses, as well as “lovin” on them! This is an amazing time of connection and enjoyed by both the four legged and two legged critters!”

“Lessons from the Heart” equips the participant with the groundwork skills that promote safety when working with horses. The skills developed by the participant “on the ground” will ALL apply to the work they do “in the saddle”; so, if the participant wants to continue in their horsemanship journey, we have highly skilled trainers to have them realize that dream.


“Lessons from the Heart”
A shared passion between mother and daughter.

Buffy’s passion for children encouraged her to complete her bachelor’s degree at Simon Fraser University in 1996. She specialized in both Learning Disabilities and Early Childhood Education. She began her career working for the Surrey School Board as a resource room teacher. After moving to Alberta, Buffy continued with her teaching career as a resource room teacher for the Calgary Catholic Board of Education. She was also employed by the Calgary Board of Education until the arrival of her first child. Her priority eventually became raising her three children.


In 2018 a new chapter began unfolding for her family. After purchasing the equestrian facility and building their new home on the acreage, “Mission Acres” was established. Buffy’s passion for learning and teaching, quickly grew to include a love and passion for horses as well. This was also true for her daughter, Ireland.

Ireland was given a unique opportunity in 2018 to learn from a Grand Prix level horse named Wieco. His previous owner, a very talented and accomplished trainer, Verena Sonstenes, from California, who also became a cherished family friend, supported Ireland’s passion for riding and her desire to continue learning. Ireland and Wieco’s relationship continue to grow and is beautifully evident in the saddle and on the ground. Currently Ireland is working with her coach, Janet Adams, as she pursues obtaining her instructors certification with Equestrian Canada.


Buffy and Ireland also recently completed their coaching certification with Equine Canada, and both continue enhancing their horsemanship skills with the Glenn Stewart stages program. Glenn’s talent on the ground and in the saddle inspires them both to continue learning and enhancing their own personal horsemanship journey. As they both have learned from Glenn, the possibilities between you and your horse are “limitless”!


This shared love for horses, combined with a passion for learning and teaching is the inspiration that brought “Lessons from the Heart” to life by a mother and a daughter.

“Lessons from the Heart” is a result of all that we love and is genuinely taught from our hearts. It is truly a unique program, that is tailored to individual needs and taught on a “one to one” basis. We enjoy and welcome all ages from young children to seniors. We combine our unique approach with our love for horses, our passion for learning and teaching on the beautiful property of “Mission Acres”. A place we both feel so fortunate and blessed to call our home!

September 23 - 27, 2022

Arnulf Koegler (AK Training)

Horsemanship Clinic

Cost of five-day clinic: $600/participant

Location: Mission Acres, 34131 Township Road, Cochrane, AB T4C 1A2

Dates: September 23, 24, 25, 26, 27 2022

Maximum number of participants: 6

More info
Lessons from the Heart

For more information or to register for the program, please email us at info@missionacres.ca.

May 28-29, 2022

Lorie Duff Clinic 

Learn to Ride Together

Mission Acres

Cochrane, Alberta

For more information click the button below or call Lorie at 613-867-0776.

To register email Cynthia Austin at cowhorse2011@gmail.com or call her at 403-836-5900.

July 15-17, 2022

Jonathan Field Horsemanship Clinic

Course 1 and Beyond
Mission Acres
Cochrane Alberta
For more information or to register, please go to Jonathan Field Course 1 and Beyond Cochrane (jonathanfieldhorsemanship.com) .


Glenn has over 30 years of experience in the horse industry having taught thousands of students all across North and South America.  His work and knowledge with horses is diversified; he has taught clinics and given demonstrations for some of the top Lusitano breeders of Brazil,  puts on Colt Starting clinics in the Rocky Mountains 100 miles from the nearest roads, and prepares performance horses for competition and sales.  

He also does management consulting for equine facilities, implementing his Horse Development Program for everything from breeding farms, cutting horses, and hunter jumpers to working equitation and dressage.

The journey to building a trusting partnership as well as a healthy relationship between horse and rider is intensely personal. Whether you are an Olympic competitor, Dressage devotee, working cow horse enthusiast, or love to escape to the trails on horseback, having a confident horsemanship foundation can transform the way you interact with your horse, as well as your experience in the saddle. Discover how to create a lasting bond that drives the results you want, and forges a healthy relationship between horse and owner with Josh Nichol’s unique Relational Horsemanship method.


Born into a horse-loving family, Jonathan Field has, at various times in his life, been a competitive rider, a cowboy, a student, and now, a master. Drawing on an immense love and respect for horses, for the last 23 years, Jonathan has been in the business of helping horse owners and lovers around the world achieve better horsemanship and, more importantly, a true partnership between horse and rider.

The result is Jonathan Field Horsemanship, Inspired by Horses®: a program designed to teach owners how to become excellent horsemen and women, and overcome any fears – horse and human – they may be experiencing.

Over the last 16 years of building his own program, Jonathan has coached, mentored, and shared his knowledge with thousands of riders in hands-on clinics and live showcase events. In so doing, he has fostered lasting relationships between thousands of horses and riders, from brand new riders to elite athletes in every discipline.

The Jonathan Field Horsemanship Program is now being adopted in England, Ireland, Europe, Australia, and all over North America. The program has also recently become mandatory training for the Vancouver Police Mounted Unit.

 “I want people to be inspired by and become great with horses; to become better than they could ever have imagined; to love, respect, and understand the horse; to look after them with the dignity and care that all domesticated horses deserve. And I want them to feel safe and have fun while doing it.” Jonathan Field


The journey to building a trusting partnership as well as a healthy relationship between horse and rider is intensely personal. Whether you are an Olympic competitor, Dressage devotee, working cow horse enthusiast, or love to escape to the trails on horseback, having a confident horsemanship foundation can transform the way you interact with your horse, as well as your experience in the saddle.

Discover how to create a lasting bond that drives the results you want, and forges a healthy relationship between horse and owner with Josh Nichol’s unique Relational Horsemanship method.

The journey to building a trusting partnership as well as a healthy relationship between horse and rider is intensely personal. Whether you are an Olympic competitor, Dressage devotee, working cow horse enthusiast, or love to escape to the trails on horseback, having a confident horsemanship foundation can transform the way you interact with your horse, as well as your experience in the saddle. Discover how to create a lasting bond that drives the results you want, and forges a healthy relationship between horse and owner with Josh Nichol’s unique Relational Horsemanship method.


Lorie Duff is an Internationally renowned Canadian Equestrian Trainer & Clinician. A Canadian Provincial Equine Judge, Equine Business Consultant & Motivational Speaker. 

Lorie was born and raised on a scenic dairy farm overlooking the ocean in Topsail, Newfoundland. Lorie credits her parents and “the simple farm life” to how she developed her Philosophy of Horsemanship.

Lorie’s philosophy of communication, trust & respect helps establish a safe and solid inter-disciplinary platform.  The philosophy supports and enhances the continued mutual learning of humans and horses that work together.  These successes in teaching her program, have taken her throughout North America, Europe & Asia.

One of Lorie’s greatest achievements was to be the “First-Ever Western Performer” invited to the RCMP Sunset Ceremonies for 2 consecutive years (2016 and 2017) to showcase the western discipline and to demonstrate her horsemanship Philosophies.

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Set in front of the picturesque Rocky Mountains, lays 160 acres that Mission Acres calls home. A fully equipped equestrian facility with one-of-a-kind amenities and a tranquil environment that houses Equestrian, Psychology and Learning & Wellness services. Our facility includes a large indoor riding arena with a viewing area, two outdoor grass  arena's, 1/2 mile race track, individual paddocks, large pastures for our horses to roam, generous horse shelters, and well-maintained water feeders. 

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