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Mission Acres Equestrian Division 
 Location: Mission Acres, 34131 Township Rd 262, Cochrane, AB T4C 1A2 


Contact Information

Please note: At this time, Mission Acres is not accepting stallions and pregnant mares. 

Are you the sole owner of your horse?
Does your horse have any history of colic or other medical problems?
Does your horse experience lameness as a result of previous injury?
Does your horse have any history of behavioral issues (biting, kicking, pulling back when tied, etc.)?
Does your horse crib, chew wood, windsuck, etc.?
Has your horse ever had or been exposed to Equine Infectious Anemia, Strangles, Equine Herpes, or any other contagious equine disease?

Boarder - Over the Age of Majority

Do you clip and/or blanket your horse through the winter?