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Buffy Afseth

Equestrian Canada

Registered Coach

Buffy’s passion for children inspired her to complete a bachelor’s degree at Simon Fraser University in 1996. She specialized in both Learning Disabilities and Early Childhood Education and began working for the Surrey School Board as a resource room teacher. After a few years she moved to Alberta and married. She continued with her teaching career and was employed for several years with the Calgary Catholic Board of Education as a resource room teacher. She also worked with the Calgary Board of Education for a brief period until her and her husband’s first born arrived. Her priority eventually became raising her three children.

The love of horses was instilled in Buffy at a young age, as her dad was a jockey and horse trainer. Buffy did not anticipate that she would share a similar journey, but as her family was building the foundation of their home and caring for their property, the vision of Mission Acres began to evolve. In 2018 this vision became reality and Mission Acres was officially established.  With renewed excitement she dedicated time to learning the language of the horse. She emersed herself in as many opportunities to grow in her own knowledge and increase her horsemanship skills. Buffy completed Stage 1 of the Glenn Stewart Natural horsemanship program and is currently working on Stage 2. She works with several trainers who continue to support her in excelling in her groundwork and in-saddle work. She has recently completed the following courses:

  • Equine First Aid

  • Equestrian Canada: Concussion Awareness

  • Fostering Healthy Equestrian Environments

  • Horse Behaviour & Safety.

She is also in the process of working towards her Alberta Equestrian Coaching certification for western riding and has recently achieved her Equine Canada coaching certification.


Buffy is so grateful for the opportunity to now combine her passion for teaching children with her passion for horses. “Lessons from the Heart” program is a result of all that she loves, with the assistance of her three children, this program speaks to the heart of every child that loves horses.

“Lessons from the Heart”

Inspire, Equip, Transform

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