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Soul ART

Soul ART with Allison Orthner uses simple art projects and workshops that dig deep into matters of the heart and soul. The experience is more about the heart than the art, but both are incorporated.


Workshops tackle a wide assortment of themes and topics that draw us deeper into the life lessons we wish to learn and grow from. You don't have to be artistic to participate or know how to draw or paint! You just need to be willing to go on a creative adventure to create art with heart and trust the process. The end result is a unique piece of art with reminders embedded into it that can help us on our life journey.

Equine-Assisted Coaching

Our programs will be a good fit if you believe that self-reflection is key to learning about what is going on in yourself or your team, understanding the impact you have on others, and expanding your potential.


You will experience equine-assisted coaching. Throughout our programs, equine-assisted sessions are strategically embedded with more traditional private, couple or team coaching sessions. No horseback riding is involved, and no previous horse knowledge or experience is required.

Empowerment Programs

Are you an individual, a couple or a team who is seeking to invest in authentic personal and professional growth, and leadership development?  If yes, we invite you to participate  in our programs.

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