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Our Goal:
Provide an environment where the horse and individual can thrive.


Our Hope:
That everyone embraces their horsemanship journey and enhances their skills and expands their knowledge.


Our Commitment:
 Is to the emotional and physical well-being of the horse and to our equine community.


Mission Acres believes in supporting the whole person, so within our "Learning & Wellness" division we offer the following services:

Acupuncture, Clinical Somatic Education / Yoga Therapy, Massage, and customized Academic and Behavioral  programs. We also have a service that allows you to express yourself through art and get into matters of the heart and soul. 


People often say to us that they feel at peace as soon as they arrive. Whether walking along the pathways, listening to a horse's neigh, sitting under the shade of the trees, or viewing the mountains to the west, the peace and tranquility of Mission Acres and the surrounding landscape embrace you.


At Mission Acres, we encourage you to "come as you are”. Bring your hope, pain, aspirations, and uncertainty. Together we will grow in knowledge and emotional health.


“It doesn’t take as long to heal as it took to get hurt".

 -Michele Pillar




Our facility is housed on 160 acres of land. Each area provides unique opportunities!! From horse enthusiasts to those seeking emotional healing, Mission Acres is fully equipped to support your needs.


We conduct ourselves in a warm, courteous, and professional manner. Within each division of Mission Acres we have qualified and experienced members that are dedicated to teaching, enhancing skills, and expanding knowledge.


Our people thrive because each age group brings unique qualities that enhance the community. We are committed to ensuring that each individual feels valued and respected. 

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We began our journey here over a year ago and were welcomed with open arms into a community that has now become our family.

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Boarding here has been wonderful. The best part is that they put the needs of the horse first. Every horse has access to forage in slow feeders, freedom, and friendship, plus there are no shortage of activities.

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Mission Acres is one of the most welcoming facilities that I personally have ever had the pleasure of attending a clinic at.

help us provide support and serve those in need

Mission Acres is dedicated to providing support and serving those in need. Throughout the year we provide direct service to those who require assistance, and we also align with various agencies who have expressed needs to those that they are supporting.  What a privilege to serve, and we invite you to serve with us by donating your time or resources.  For those who would like to provide financial support to our charitable initiatives as well as our “Psychology” and “Learning & Wellness” services, you can donate to “The For We Care Outreach Network Society”.

  • Donations must be designated to the “Thrive in Canada” fund only and must not, in any way, indicate the name of a potential recipient.  

  • Donations received from individuals are receipted annually unless immediate receipting is requested. Corporate donations are tax-receipted immediately.


Thank you for joining with us and making a difference in the lives of others.

“For even the son of man came not to be served but to serve others and to give his life as a ransom to many”

Matthew 20:28

help us make a difference

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Set in front of the picturesque Rocky Mountains, lays 160 acres that Mission Acres calls home. A fully equipped equestrian facility with one-of-a-kind amenities and a tranquil environment that houses Equestrian, Psychology and Learning & Wellness services. Our facility includes a large indoor riding arena with a viewing area, two outdoor grass  arena's, 1/2 mile race track, individual paddocks, large pastures for our horses to roam, generous horse shelters, and well-maintained water feeders. 

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Monday - Sunday     8AM - 9 PM   

34131 Township Road 262, Cochrane,
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261180 Range Road 35, Cochrane, Alberta, Canada T4C 0B7

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